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'E' is for Equity

by Desiree Black

When founding PEAK Collective, we spent lots of time determining just what we wanted this group to be. Ultimately, what we decided upon was creating a microcosm of the world as we would like to see it. This led to our founding principles.

P - Positivity and respect for one another

E - Equity to build an inclusive community

A - Action for our social responsibility

K - Knowledge for personal and professional growth

The E in PEAK stands for Equity to build an inclusive community. Our value of equity naturally follows positivity and respect, which are the foundations of an equitable environment. What we seek to build here is a place where everyone might feel welcome, not just to be included but also to get involved. We invite our members to come as they are, chip in as they can, and we will help where we’re able.

But what is equity, exactly? Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances. It focuses on structuring resources to allow everyone the same opportunities. To that end, we hope to assist our members in elevating themselves through building lasting relationships, personal and professional development, and a supportive community.

We also hope to elevate our greater community, advocating for not only our members, but all those around us so that they too may have access to the resources they need to thrive. We hope to achieve this through partnering with community leaders and organizations.

Our founding members have been involved in projects that help elevate the community and individuals from the ground up, and we aim to continue to be active in helping not just our members, but also those around us.

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