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How We Put the ‘P’ in PEAK Collective

by Lacey Houck

When deciding on a name for a new group for emerging generations, we agreed we wanted something that identifies both our essence and our values. More than just a great sounding name, we wanted something that had meaning.

After lots of brainstorming, we landed on the name PEAK Collective. We loved the name PEAK for two reasons. The first being that our community is quaintly situated amongst the majestic Appalachian mountains (and we fully intend to put together some events that allow us to explore those very peaks!).

Secondly, we formed this group because we realized a gap in our area - how are we attracting and retaining emerging generations? PEAK Collective provides a conduit for people to come together through our common values to continually climb (get it - PEAK!) toward a better future.

In putting together the common, core values for the group, we realized PEAK could be more than just a name.

‘P’ is for Positivity and Respect for One Another

Why is this our first core value? The founders of PEAK Collective all agree that creating a community that fosters respect for everyone, no matter your background, is of utmost importance. We aim to create a group that welcomes and supports everyone. Gently reminding members to be positive and respectful of one another at all times is a critical element we have found to be missing in groups we have been affiliated with in the past. Therefore, we wanted to be sure it was at the forefront of PEAK Collective.

When we lead with positivity and respect to guide our words and actions, we send a clear message - everyone is welcome to climb to the PEAK with us.

The full acronym PEAK stands for:

P - Positivity and respect for one another

E - Equity to build an inclusive community

A - Action for our social responsibility

K - Knowledge for personal and professional growth

Stay tuned for future blog posts diving into the remaining three PEAK values!

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